In communications, everything must support the brand. Whether it’s a luscious pear sailing off in a seafaring dingy or a stately lion guarding an historical collection, branding solutions can inspire, excite, and visually explain an organization’s primary purpose. Extra points if they put a smile on your face. Whether you’re seeking a new brand identity, need help strengthening an existing brand, or are looking to uphold a brand of longevity, we’re here to help. Browse our project examples and see how visual branding can relate to the demographics of the surrounding community, impart a sense of how the program will inhabit the environment, or integrate and unify a program.

When Partners in Design created a new brand for a nutritional school program in Washington State we knew that the public’s view of school meal programs was dismal. International food expert Jamie Oliver had just pronounced that America was poisoning its children. Our response was go back to basics…the food groups. Be honest, and put a good face on it. Our food icons are smart and they’re happy to be put to work.


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