We all know that design contributes to our quality-of-life and enhances our economy, but did you know there are ways to design that take less of a toll on our planet? EcoStrategies is an ongoing conversation about the relationship of design to the environment. You’ll find information in this section that will help you get a grounding in what’s possible, what’s available and what we still need to work on.Read more


Look! Up in the sky! I see a two-headed monster, you see a bunny rabbit, a flying toaster, a seahorse. Successful collaboration on any communications project means bringing together a variety of opinions and objectives. During the course of our process, we will listen to every single one. But first, let’s look at the clouds together.Read more


Led by design principals Stephen Schlott and Sharon Mentyka, Partners in Design offers expertise and enthusiasm in graphic design, book design, exhibit design and interpretive signage, promotional and collateral, signage, packaging and electronic media. We welcome new collaborations with business partners to enact powerful, profitable and informative design. Read more


All design is interactive, since design only succeeds when it provokes responses and action. With each project, Partners in Design’s process begins with a listening and learning phase to define and lead us to the best solution designed to deliver a message of maximum impact to a particular audience. Read more


In our designed world, where the processing and presenting of information has become more important than ever, first impressions count. Developing effective communications takes creativity, understanding, listening, collaboration and strategic thinking too. Take a look at what happens when it all comes together.Read more

10 Reasons

You’ve got to be the best driver you can be when your potential audience may be whizzing by on the information superhighway at 90mph. Here we offer you our top ten reasons why collaboration with Partners in Design can produce successful results for your communications program.Read more