Good Causes

We’re proud to do work for all our clients. Over the years, some projects have been extra-special, contributing far and beyond the call of duty. Led by superheroes, these projects really made a difference and we’re pleased to showcase some of them here.

Partners in Design relishes the opportunity to empower these projects with the best communication powers possible. It’s one of the most important reasons why we design—to care for the earth, to foster diversity, humanity, equal rights and access to education.

From anti-bullying (safe schools organizations), land conservation (environmental advocacy), poverty (global aid), and civil rights (campaigns), to protecting our neighborhoods against violence (advocacy outreach), powerful design can broadcast a stronger message….to help our superheroes do their jobs.

NEW! Announcing our newest project—A Kids’ Guide to the Coronavirus a.k.a. the Crown Bug—supported by a grant we received from 4Culture, Seattle/King County’s Cultural Relief Creative Response Program. As the pandemic continues to unfold, kids as well as their parents are struggling with this new normal—social distancing, wearing masks, remote learning. This 24-page ‘zine is part-science, part-comic and 100% reassuring at a time when children need to know that even in a world that can sometimes seem big and scary, most people are good, they can make a difference, and every single tiny act of kindness matters You can download digital copies of A Kids’ Guide to the Coronavirus at this link (for free!) in English, Spanish and Chinese. Please share widely! Additional language versions are also in the works, thanks to individual donors. In addition, a limited number of printed copies are available. Please contact us if you would like a set ($5 shipping and handling charge.)

We are proud to continue our sponsorship of the Partners in Design Climate Action Fellowship, offered and administered by the Civita Institute, to increase awareness of our changing climate and encourage actions that can be taken by architects, planners, designers, artists, writers and other arts professionals to contribute to a more sustainable societal response. For more information and to apply, visit the