10 Reasons

TOP 10 Reasons to Collaborate 
with Partners in Design

1. We listen first. We don’t use our ears just to hold our designer sunglasses.

2. We listen, then we research. Our solutions are informed and appropriately targeted to each audience.

3 . We make sure that our client’s wheels keep touching the ground, and yet we recognize that design is a process of joy.

4. We are educated in design and are educators of design. We understand the trends, but we also understand what is under the hood.

5. Design is a creative process which sometimes can make the client nervous about communication. We make sure that every step of the design process is tangible, discussed and documented.

6. As image-makers, we are acutely aware that how our clients present themselves graphically in this visually-oriented society will be crucial to how others view them.

7. We are responsive and responsible to budget and scheduling concerns. You can ask any one of our clients. Ask them who kept the project on track.

8. You are assured full partner involvement on your project. Projects do not compete for attention in our office, they compete in the outside world.

9. We are a small, friendly office, with strength in the community and allied with the best vendors and services in the business.

10. Design is a language and we make sure that what you have to say can be understood and maybe even sung!