Partners in Design is ready to listen. That’s how we begin each of our projects. We design to meet your objectives. First we listen to the market, targeted audience, your history and your mission. And who’s listening? When you work with us, you’ll work with our studio’s principals. We’re motivated and remain involved and at every step of the way for any project we undertake. We’re experienced and multi-disciplined, working in all areas of design, from print to exhibits to web sites and we utilize the written word in almost all our projects. The marriage of word and picture is magic and successful solutions must be able to optimize both consistently.

We’re green… no, we’re not lacking in experience—rather, we have substantial experience in sustainable practices. It’s become second nature to the way we think and the way our designs function in the world. We’re speedy, and we think this way too. We strive for solutions that have “legs”—designs that can be expanded and enhanced, carrying across clear and consistent messages. We’re listening.