Yes, we read on our iPads and Kindles. But there is still something special about holding a paper volume in your hands and turning the pages. And to a designer, book covers are perhaps the purest process of visual storytelling come to life. As inimitable as they are, sometimes words just don’t seem to activate the brain in the same way that an images can. When we read a book, we also have the luxury of spending time with the narrative and characters, and an interior book design reflects this pace. A book cover design is a very different experience. Effective book cover designs must capture the subject, tone and character of a book at a glance, creating a world of its own.

Here at Partners in Design, we design, write, and edits books. We’ve had the good fortune to work on projects across a wide variety of genres, including textbooks, graphic novels and children’s books—and on topics ranging from gardening, cooking and traveling to clinical psychology and sustainable development. For a great survey of book cover designs from some of the best designers in the world, you might want to browse the archives of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)


Welcome B into your World!
“B in the World” is a great book for the middle primary reader. It explores themes of inclusion and difference in a fun and readable way about a gender fluid child exploring his female side and struggling with what it means.” ~ Tracy Flynn, Welcoming Schools, Human Rights Campaign. Available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.