Where am I? Where do I go? As we orient ourselves in a physical space and navigate from place to place, wayfinding brings together many tiers of interaction to create a dynamic and environmentally respectful user experience.

Wayfinding encompasses all of the ways we utilize to orient ourselves in any physical space as we navigate from place to place. Designed effectively, they can tell the story of a physical place, and become a cornerstone for promotion and expanded tourism.the discipline brings together many tiers of interaction. A wayfinding system can include maps, signs or digital tours, trail-markers, visitor centers, kiosks, banners, gateways, road markings, exhibits, wayside interpretive panels, and many more possibilities. Solutions can be multilingual or non-visual, helping to make spaces universally accessible and user-friendly.

Our design team is well versed in these visitor and landscape interactions. We strongly believe that communication in the landscape that is inspired by nature and a specific sense of place will generate the most positive visitor impact. We consider all of these interactions as we listen closely to our clients and their ultimate audience in order to achieve and exceed each program’s objectives.