We all know that design contributes to our quality-of-life and enhances our economy, but did you know there are ways to design that take less of a toll on our planet? EcoStrategies is an ongoing conversation about the relationship of design to the environment. Confused about which recycled paper is really recycled? Which inks are truely “green”? Which packaging materials help reduce waste? How to market your environmentally-sensitive product?

Partners in Design is dedicated to the synthesis of design and printing practices and ecological objectives. Part of our mission is to educate our clients about the impact of their processes and products on the environment and on their own health, and to report on alternative processes and technologies. You’ll find information in this section that will help you get a grounding in what’s possible, what’s available and what we still need to work on. And since it’s still a learning process for us all, let’s talk! What’s working for you?