Look! Up in the sky! I see a two-headed monster, you see a bunny rabbit, a flying toaster, a seahorse. Successful collaboration on any communications project means bringing together a variety of opinions and objectives. During the course of our process, we will listen to every single one. But first, let’s look at the clouds together.


Our process begins with the acknowledgment of the importance of listening and learning. For each particular project, it is important to develop a working knowledge of the criteria being addressed and the problems to be solved. A phase of review and discussion help us to gain that understanding. You know your product or service best. Where we assist is in offering an objective eye that looks to the immediate need and to the future, and brings together the intangibles of word and image to intelligently craft and strategically execute successful graphic communications.

In this first phase, meetings and discussions are primary to determine project objectives, consumer targeting and long-and short-term goals. The competition is assessed, flow charts and storyboards aid in establishing hierarchies and priorities, and communications media options reviewed and selected.

In this concept phase, various approachs to the project are explored using the material gathered in the initial research phase as a logical progession. This is a fluid idea phase where it is important to maintain flexibility to many varied directions. By the end of this phase, creative strategy, writing and visual approach are reviewed and concept sketches are presented. All graphic/media requirements are now known quantities and the final components and budget of the program can be determined.

During the design phase, approved concepts are further developed before being taken into production. Feasibility studies may be done to determine audience response. Any required illustrations, photography or other media are detailed further and sketches are approved in preparation for final production. A network of consultants and subcontractors amplify and implement many of our more complex projects. Text is written, edited and proofed. Throughout the process, budget and schedule is the yardstick for our project production.

This final project phase is the culmination of research, concept and design and results in preparation of final materials to be printed, fabricated or published online. All final proofs are reviewed and approved before their release. Finally, on-site consultation is provided for project production and the champagne bottle is opened!